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How do I install Respondus Lockdown Browser on My Windows Computer?

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Some online courses will require students to take their exams or quizzes using the Respondus Lockdown Browser.  The Respondus Lockdown Browser is a specific browser that prevents students from navigating to other websites or being able to copy any content off the screen while taking an exam.  Upon installation to your desktop, if your exam requires your to use the Respondus Lockdown Browser, you must select the Respondus Lockdown Browser icon from your desktop to log into your Blackboard Learn course to take your exam or quiz.

1. To download the Respondus Lockdown Browser for the first time, please go to our Software Resources page.

2. Under the 'Players & Plug-Ins' section, click on the Respondus Lockdown Browser option for your specific operation system (Windows icon for PCs):

    Respondus Lockdown Browser section.

3. Follow the prompts to install the Respondus Lockdown Browser:
     Respondus Lockdown option window.

4. Verify you are downloading the installer and then make sure to run it:

     Respondus Lockdown window. 

5.  Follow the installation setup steps in the installer. Once it finishes installing, you will see the Respondus Lockdown Browser icon on your desktop:

      Lockdown Browser Image



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