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How do I submit a Turn-It-In assignment?

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Click on the View/Complete link of a Turn-It-In assignment:

Screenshot of Turn-it-in section in Blackboard Learn.

On the next page, click on Submit to begin the submission process:

Screenshot of submit view window for Turn-it-in section in Blackboard Learn.

On the next screen, give your submission a title and choose your file location for upload:

Screenshot of submission window for files submitted in Turn-it-in.

When the file is selected, click on the Upload button:

Screensht of when a file is selected in Turn-it-in to be uploaded.
Allow the paper to display; confirm the submission by clicking on Confirm:

Screenshot of file being displayed in order to confirm its submission.
A successful Turn-It-In submission will display this page. IMPORTANT: the Submission ID is proof of your submission.

Screenshot of successful file submission with Turn-it-in that will display once a file is uploaded accordingly.

IMPORTANT: You will receive an e-mail called the Digital Receipt. This will also contain your Submission ID. Please ensure that you provide this to FIU Blackboard Support Services, if you encounter any issues with the submission being reflected in Blackboard Learn.

Screenshot of an email confirmation of the digital receipt for the paper successful file submission in Turn-it-in.



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