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I am unable to open the File Download window or nothing occurs after I click on a link.

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One of two things may be occurring:

  1. When you click on a video or an audio link in your course and encounter the following: nothing occurs, the new window may be blank, you may receive a scripting error message that is similar to the following error message: no such interface supported, the normal procedure is to get the File Download window, which will save the video or audio file into your Temporary Internet Files folder. Then, you will see video files and/or hear audio files playing from your computer. If you are experiencing this type of issue, please go to Microsoft's support website and follow the steps recommended.
  2. Make sure that your pop-up blockers are disabled. You can check this depending on the browser you are using:

* After attempting to resolve this problem, please do not forget to restart your computer.

For Internet Explorer: Select Internet Options under the drop down menu » select the Privacy tab, then » un-check the box next to Pop-up Blocker (see example below).

       User-added image

       User-added image

For Firefox: Select Options from the browser menu » under the Content link, un-check Block Pop-up Windows box in the Pop-ups section (see example below).

       User-added image
         User-added image

For Safari (on a Mac): Select Safari » then select Preferences » select the Security tab, then un-select Block Pop-up Windows (see example below).

         User-added image



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