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What are CLAST Exemption Requirements?

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All students seeking a degree from a Florida public community college or state university must take and pass, or be exempt from all sections of the CLAST (Reading, ENGLISH Language Skills, Essay, & Computation).

The CLAST requirements also apply to students transferring to state universities in Florida from private colleges in or out of the state.

Only degree-seeking students who have completed at least 18 semester hours are eligible to sit for the CLAST.

If students reach 96 credits, a block will be placed on their registration for upper division courses.
Any student who has taken and failed a section of the CLAST at least four times may petition the CLAST waiver committee to waive them from that section (student must show evidence of proficiency).
Waiver policies/processing are administered through the Testing Center.

A CLAST ALTERNATIVE exempts a student from taking a portion or the entire CLAST exam.
The Florida Administrative Code specifies that any student who achieves a passing score on the SAT/SATI or the ACT/EACT, or has a grade point average of 2.5 or higher in selected post-secondary course work, shall be exempt from the requirement of taking the CLAST.

The minimum scores necessary for the CLAST exemption are:
• SAT: Verbal = 500 or above / Math = 500 or above
• EACT: English = 21 or above / Reading = 22 or above / Math = 21 or above.
The courses used to fulfill the 2.5 GPA requirement are:
Reading, Writing, and Essay: ENC 1101 & ENC 1102 (or equivalents)


Option 1 (any two of the following)
• MAC _105 College Algebra or any other MAC course with the last three digits higher that _105, and/or
• MGF _106 Finite Mathematics or any other MGF course with the last three digits higher than _106, and/or
• STA _014 Statistical Methods or any other STA course.

Option 2 (any two of the following)
• MGF _113 Topics in Mathematics I, and/or
• MGF _114 Topics in Mathematics II, and/or
• MFG _118 Mathematics CLAST Review

Option 3 (the following two)
• MGF _113 Topics in College Mathematics I, and
• MAC _105 College Algebra

For more information regarding the policies and procedures of the CLAST requirements please visit the CLAST information page under the College of Arts & Sciences site.
Important: All Education majors must check with the College of Education Advising Center in ZEB 221 for clarification of CLAST requirement. You may also contact them at (305) 348-2768 or visit their website at:



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