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Why are my answers not saving when taking an assessment?

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There are three reasons why this may occur:
  1. For Blackboard courses: If your allotted time has passed, you will not be able to save any additional answers even though you may have time left on your quiz. You should submit the assessment for grading.
  2. If your remaining time is not the issue, it may be that you have an outdated version of Java installed. Please go to the Blackboard Learn Requirements Check website, in order to a determine if your supported browser meets the minimum requirements for accessing Blackboard properly.
  3. If a user triggers Force Completion--or the attempt submits on the backend in general--and they still have an open attempt, answers will not be saved in this open attempt, since it’s technically already submitted. Example: Student has open attempt where assessment displays all questions on one page. During this, they trigger the Force Completion in a new tab or window.



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